Yuri Kuma Arashi And the Tragedy of the Lack of Time

Act 1 – A Proposition

There’s a school of screen-writing that posits that, since you’ve only got a couple hours or so, there is no time for subtlety and it should just be done away with entirely. The classic example is the Broadway Musical- characters wear their heart on their sleeves and sing out their epiphanies and observations, and major dramatic shifts are accompanied by large musical numbers and snazzy dancing.

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The Critical Otaku’s Completely Subjective and Thus Utterly Useless Start of Season Tier Lists! – Fall 2015

The views expressed herein are my own and in no way representative the greater anime community. If I inadvertently diss your favourite show from this season or praise a show you consider bad please remember that I’m just some idiot from the internet with an opinion before taking personal offence. I’m just this because it’s fun to call AoTS after 2-4 episodes and compare that to the end of the season where I find out just how wrong I am. Order presented is roughly the order of my preferences. Without further ado, let’s begin!

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