The Call of Lain: Serial Experiments Lain Part 1

As I explained in the previous article, in this series I’ve decided to take a slightly unorthodox approach- instead of a strict frame-by-frame reading of the episodes themselves, I’ll approach the series by tackling the ideas presented in the show, whether those ideas are metatextual in nature or simply influential. My hope is that this will prove more interesting and useful to readers. 

The Call of Lain: H. P. Lovecraft and Existential Horror

Ok, I know I said that the author is dead last time, and to be fair I do get the impression that SEL is meant to be experienced firsthand devoid of preconceptions in the manner of other postmodernist work- with the text acting as a cipher for the viewer experience, as opposed to arbitrating it. Still, I’m from the school of film criticism that calls for holistic assessments- ultimately, the viewer experience might be an important (perhaps even the most important) aspect of review, but first-hand accounts of authorial intent can be immensely helpful in framing the work in a proper context.

As such, I do think it would be useful to go over the influences on Chiaki J. Konaka, the scriptwriter for SEL, and how that in turn influenced the show.

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Exploring the Wired: Serial Experiments Lain Part 0

Welcome to Cyberia. Welcome to the postmodern. Welcome to the end of history. Welcome to Hypertext Transfer Protocol rewiring and restructuring human society and neurology. Welcome to the Apocalypse.

Welcome to Serial Experiments Lain. Hope you enjoy the ride.

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